09 July 2015

A collaboration between Holler, Arc and Leo Burnett, RNLI’s #RespectTheWater is a hard-hitting campaign raising awareness for Cold Water Shock and Rip Currents. The immersive micro-site gives you an all too scary look at the dangers of Cold Water Shock and can be experienced here. Also take a look at this short video that you may have seen in cinemas recently. 

Cocio x Arnold Aslak

02 July 2015

In our latest content piece for chocolate milk brand Cocio we look at what happens when the Danish drink collaborates with a ‘key figure’ from the art world. The Cocio x Arnold Aslak – MLK:MN AW15 Collection is a hilarious mocking of wanky fashion films and perfectly fitting to Cocio’s humorous tone. Watch it here.

#LikeAGirl - Awards

29 June 2015

Despite it being over a year since #LikeAGirl become a global phenomenon, the viral campaign for Always is still going strong when it comes to awards. The One Show awards saw it pick up a Gold in Cross Platform – Brand Transformation, plus 2 silvers and a bronze. Perhaps the most impressive haul of them all was at Cannes (left), where it ended up taking home a Grand Prix as well as a Titanium award.

Fairy Non Bio: Learning To Hug

16 June 2015

When was the last time you hugged your Dad? Our latest work for Fairy Non Bio takes a look at the simple act of hugging between parent and child, and how it can often be lost as we grow older. Take a look at the beautiful, emotionally charged video that encourages people to #NeverStopHugging.


12 May 2015

Panache: Modelled By Role Models is perhaps one of our most exciting campaigns of 2015 so far. We’ve worked with the British lingerie brand to create a campaign celebrating the achievements as much as the beauty of inspiring female role models. Make sure to watch the much talked about video.

Holler Transmission 2.0

01 April 2015

Following its success first time round, Transmission was back with a bang in April. Transmission 2.0 saw the topics of Youtube Influencers & The Future of Broadcasting discussed by a high calibre panel. Youtuber Jim Chapman and TV presenter Rick Edwards were among those who provided an insightful evening down at the Hoxton Hotel. You can recap on the event here.

Campaign School Reports

26 March 2015

The Campaign School Reports this year proved decent for Holler. We’re absolutely chuffed to have been awarded a 7, being identified as an agency that ‘is hitting its stride’. Read the full report here.

Cocio UK

03 February 2015

You may have seen the distinct glass bottle design of Cocio on the shelf of your local Asda or Waitrose. We’re now delighted to be working with the chocolate milk brand on developing their content output. Look out for some brilliant stuff coming very soon.


Travel Supermarket

22 January 2015

Want to get away somewhere sunny but aren’t able to escape your 9 to 5? If only there was a doppelganger that could do your job while you went away right? Maybe… Travel Supermarket wanted to encourage people to beat their winter blues by booking a holiday to somewhere with a little more sun. Our spin on this saw a Twitter competition give one lucky winner a trip to the Caribbean, whilst a carefully selected ‘Holiday Double’ attempted to fill in for them back at the office. See what happened here.

Eurobest Awards

20 January 2015

The latest #LikeAGirl awards update comes from the Eurobest awards where the campaign for P&G brand Always won a Grand Prix in the PR and Interactive categories. The global sensation continued its success most recently with an appearance during the Super Bowl.  

The Apprentice

22 December 2014

Anyone that watched the final of this season’s Apprentice will have noticed a quick Holler cameo as we played the role of ‘creative agency attempting to facilitate the contestant’s vision’. Various Holler staff members popped up to help out, though if we’re honest, the finalists’ end designs probably wouldn’t have made internal sign off…

UE Boom

16 December 2014

One of Ultimate Ears’ latest products is the impressively loud, portable speaker dubbed the UE Boom. Working with various influential London-based collectives, we helped bring this modern day boombox to life with a unique relay race around the capital. Watch the video here featuring Run Dem Crew and Parkour Generations. 

Holler Transmission

20 November 2014

Last week saw the start of our brand new live-streamed panel discussion series - Holler Transmission. Combating the often tedious industry panel talks, Transmission takes a look at modern culture and concisely cuts right to the heart of relevant matters by chatting to the people that matter. Our first Transmission was a huge success, as various representatives from the music industry came together at Red Bull Studios to discuss the fertile topic of ‘Collaboration in Music’. Many thanks to Elijah of Butterz Records, Matt Brawn of Defected, Jaymo of Moda Black and Sam Wolfson, Editor of Noisey for making it down for a top notch chat. Videos from the event to be available here shortly.

Awards Update: #LikeAGirl Success Continues

12 November 2014

A couple more awards successes to shout about. Firstly, a bumper haul for #LikeAGirl at The Digitals, winning for Best Social, Best Video, Best Consumer Goods & Best Content Marketing. There’s bound to be a lot more to come from one of this year’s finest campaigns. Also adding to its accolade tally was the small but mighty Jura Lost Island, taking a win at the Campaign Big Awards. It goes without saying that these were fully deserved by all involved!

Holler Dubai

04 November 2014

Another stellar landmark moment in an incredible 2014: we’re delighted to announce that Holler Leo Burnett is now open for business in the UAE. Our team is now taking a little bit of Holler London to the middle east, working alongside Leo Burnett MENA in this exciting creative space.

CLIO Awards: #LikeAGirl

24 September 2014

While Agency of the Year was being handed out at the BIMA Awards, Leo Burnett Chicago? & Leo Burnett Toronto were busy across the pond, scooping trophies for #LikeAGirl at the CLIO Awards?. 2 Golds, 3 Silvers, a Bronze AND a Grand Clio – an exceptional haul and one that we’re chuffed, proud and delighted to have been a part of.

The cherry on the cake comes in the form of the much-coveted Leo Burnett 8 Ball - an internal accolade for only the highest quality work - that has been awarded to the #LikeAGirl team. You’ll spot Holler faces Nick Bygraves and Laura Jones in the cheesy London team pic here.

Good news all over the shop, and a fantastic achievement for Holler and the Leo Burnett group worldwide.

BIMA Awards: Agency of the Year

23 September 2014

Last week a team from Holler retrieved their suits from the dry cleaners and picked out their dresses for the 30th Anniversary of the BIMA Awards.

Over the course of the evening we found ourselves up on stage a couple of times: firstly receiving an award for The Amazing World of Gumball: Your Toy in the Entertainment category, and also winning a Social Media award for Jura Lost Island.

However, the best was saved until last as it was announced that Holler had incredibly been awarded BIMA Agency of the Year. This is an astounding achievement, a real milestone for the agency, and one that we’re exceptionally proud of. There’s no need to say that it is well deserved by every single person here at Holler.

Look out for the trophies next time you're in the office.

NOW TV Match Maker

16 July 2014

It's hard dealing with a break up right? Thats how many people felt when the 4th season of Game of Thrones felt, left wondering what they will do on Monday nights now? How will they cope? Our Game of Thrones campaign for Now TV was so successful in drawing new users to the platform to watch that specific show, that was wanted to be able to retain them to show them what else we had to offer. 

Via a helpful matrix on Twitter, we invited fans of the show to tell us what they will miss about Game of Thrones and we played cupid, matching them up with new shows that might replace that void in their hearts. Fans who took part also stood the chance of winning a Hungry House voucher so when they took their new show out on that vital first date, they had some food to share too. 

Always #LikeAGirl

26 June 2014

In today’s world it’s often a shame that doing things #likeagirl can be meant as an insult or in detriment. The Always #LikeAGirl social experiment recruited real women, men and pre-pubescent girls and asked them to show the cameras what it physically means to run like a girl, throw like a girl and other similar actions. The results were incredible, doing something #LikeAGirl really does mean different things to different generations.

See for yourself

Mercedes-Benz #CLAstory

24 June 2014

Holler recently enabled Mercedes-Benz to help the best and brightest creative minds thrive as it launches #CLAstory – a programme aimed at supporting fledgling filmmakers, leading to the commissioning of an online film starring James Corden. 

We've enlisted the help of three high-profile Instagrammers - Jiri Siftar, Alan Brutenic and Allan Edward Hinton - each collaborating with Mercedes-Benz to create a trio of short films featuring actor, comedy writer, producer and presenter, James Corden.  

Their Instavids provide a basic framework for the story - forming the beginning, middle and end of a storyboard – six vital scenes from which are missing. We've then enagged with budding film directors and have invited them to complete the scenes and the film in the #CLAstory by uploading their videos onto the Mercedes-Benz UK Instagram channel, @mercedesbenzUK

Find out more and see the videos at www.clastory.co.uk

#JuraTastival London 2014

17 June 2014

The annual Jura Whisky Festival in May receives around 400 visitors visit each year.  They come to taste the whisky and enjoy Jura’s finest drams, experience the island life and the perfect way to taste Jura Whisky.  However, the island being so remote and always at capacity, it's difficult for most fans of the brand to attend. 

To counter this, Jura brought their festival to London at the Aeronaut in Acton as the Jura Tastival, in which they aim to dispel any preconceived attitudes that you can only taste certain notes in a single malt, and encouraged attendees and fans on twitter to submit their own notes. 

Jura also commissioned artist Miss Cakehead to create an installation that incorporated some of the notes submitted by fans. The event was a great success and you can see more photos from it on their Facebook page

Little Piccadilly

25 March 2014

Today is a proud day in Kensington Village, marking the launch of the new ‘McDonald’s Little Piccadilly sign’. This example of technical turns the iconic piece of OOH into an interactive sign, where people can create characters and have them seen, with updates based on the weather and time of day. 

'Little Piccadilly' is the world's first digital outdoor site to be fully interactive 24/7, 365 days a year, as people pass by the McDonald's screen, they will be invited to create their own animated character and send it directly to the Piccadilly screen via their smartphone, so they become a permanent resident of Little Piccadilly for all to see - transforming the McDonald's screen into a gigantic, interactive visitors' book showcasing all the little residents, past and present.

With over 300 million possible combinations of illustrated artwork and animations by the wonderful Stanley Chow, you'll never see exactly the same thing twice - and that's just for launch. Little Piccadilly is a long-term initiative, with new combinations and functionality being added over time, such as messaging and real-time games.

There isn't even the hassle of downloading an app, you just need to visit LittlePicca.com on a connected device to start creating your very own little resident. 

Hats off to our big sister Leo Burnett who have painstakingly given birth to this global first, and we're very honoured to have worked on it with them, helping to bring it to life. 


YES Live

24 February 2014

The latest NCS campaign Yes Live, aims to raise awareness of NCS among the super savvy 16 - 17 year old audience and drive sign ups to this year's NCS programme. The focus of the campaign is a real world event, in which 16 - 17 year olds have the opportunity to win tickets to see the likes of Neon Jungle, Swiss Lips, Joel Compass and Elli Ingram at Brixton Academy.

We created a site that allows users to win tickets to the event, vote for their favourite nominee and share the event with their friends. To make the user journey more engaging and to incentivise participation, users can increase their chances of winning by earning extra points through voting, sharing and finding partner codes hidden across the internet.

Holler have also devised and delivered a robust marketing plan to support the initiative, which includes key influencer engagement, online and offline partnerships and hyper-targeted social outreach. Oh yes.

Go there 

Born Honest

29 January 2014

Children see the world around them with limitless and unhindered wonder; a sense of ease, fairness and simplicity that tends to disappear as we enter adulthood. Skyscanner believes that travel should be as simple, honest and enjoyable as it once seemed. A child’s perspective is an excellent way of bringing this promise to life and formed the basis of our campaign 'Born Honest'... Skyscanner's first ever TV ad, developed out of the blended agency team at Holler and Leo Burnett.

With an air of complete freedom and ease we follow as a young girl's plane explores snowy mountains, vast oceans, tiny tropical islands, scorching deserts, and bustling cities. The voyage through her imagination ends when she presses a button which launches her plane off into the real world, a world where Skyscanner offers limitless travel possibilities.

The ad is accompanied by an outdoor and digital campaign that uses childlike language and metaphors to describe Skyscanner’s travel search. Bon voyage.

Watch it here

Campaign Top 10 Digital Innovations

13 December 2013

Campaign published their top 10 Digital Innovations of the year yesterday, and we're incredibly proud to see four pieces of work identified as being groundbreaking enough to take their places among the cream of 2013.

First up a campaign for The Co-op in the acclaimed 'SnapTop' - a super smart, first of its kind execution, aimed at providing students with a £30 off voucher incentive to redeem exclusively on laptops at Co-op Electrical. Due to SnapChats’ content 'self-destructing' within seconds, recipients had a limited time to view the code before it disappeared forever. It went on to be a resounding success, driving both sales and awareness of the Co-op's electrical goods unit, demonstrating how a new platform that has enjoyed explosive growth with this demographic, can be leveraged in an excitingly innovative way.

We also scooped a place in the Top 10 with Red Bull's 'Imaginate'. As a piece of content, it was a hugely awe-inspiring return to form for Red Bull athlete and trials rider Danny MacAskill. Holler produced a calendar of innovative social and digital activity to harness the passion of Danny's core biking fans, fuelling engagement and keeping them on the edge of their seats throughout the entire series. An interactive video stream revealing hotspots of behind the scenes action gives fans even more of an insight into Danny's whacky imagination, while fans that scan QR codes on limited edition MacAskill Red Bull cans will be in for a surprise when they're presented with an exclusive POV riding video.

Two Top 10 spots for innovation in digital is incredible enough, but it gets even better… Leo Burnett Group were involved in two further projects that made it into the elite list. Holler assisted on the Mercedes-Benz 'Mash-up' activity, as well as Leo's own project for the Department For Transport: '#PubLooShocker'. 

A rewarding way to close out the year. Big thanks to Campaign.. view their article here. 

Old Spice #GentlemanHunt

02 December 2013

The UK male has something unique, something that no other man in the world can truly claim. The ability to be a Gentle-Man. It is quintessentially British, and from this day forth, Old Spice are going to empower every single human male in the UK to become the man they could be; The Gentle-Man. 

Blighty is a diverse place, made up of many regions all with their own unique colloquial idiosyncrasies and characteristics. With the help of Isaiah Mustafa, Old Spice & Holler will embark on a fact-finding mission across the UK, to hunt out what truly makes the UK man a Gentle-Man. 

Holler are asking fans to contribute to his journey and submit via Instagram exactly what they think makes up a Gentle-Man via photos and videos and the #GentlemanHunt hashtag. Our money is on the use of gravy as an essential compliment to any meal, but we're excited to see what else the Great British public comes up with. 

Isaiah will take a trip across 9 regions of the UK to try and report back his findings and what gentle-manly insights he has uncovered from each corner of the country through 9 video executions, as well as giving the best responses we receive a personalised Instagram video or image response. 

Have your say in what makes a Gentle-Man here


26 November 2013

Holler today announced the launch of #smart21, a virtual hunt for the brand new smart edition21. The search plays out in 3 major cities across the UK and will see fans of the new car follow clues to locate cars. With hints being served up through social and on our dedicated microsite, it won't be long before you're scouring Manchester, Bristol and London to win daily prizes from each of the city's hottest destination spots.  

Folk getting stuck into newsfeeds, streams and the site itself to help them guess the location are in with a chance to win one of 21 daily prizes. They'll also find themselves in the hat for the grand prize of bagging themselves a smart edition21 for 8 weeks! 

The campaign launched today with Manchester as the first hunt location, where the most fiendish detectives can win prizes from style epicentre 'Flannels'. 

Have a go at locating the car here: www.smart21.co.uk

NOW TV Mind Reader

18 November 2013

With so much amazing content available on NOW TV between now and Christmas, it can be difficult to choose what you want to watch. However, we're confident that we can predict what you want to watch, before you can. 

We're so confident in fact, that we've partnered up with oddball Magician Jon Van Der Put and sent him out to Waterloo Station to wow commuters with his peculiar magical prowess and movie predictions. 

The microsite launched today, along with the video from the Waterloo shoot, and you can watch it and have your own prediction cast, by clicking here: nowtv.com/mindreader

Full of Tomorrow

13 November 2013

From a pool of over 3,000 entries, Holler have been hand picked to descend on Texas in March! After rapturous success in Cannes, New York, and Singapore, Leo Burnett / Contagious Magazine will roll out the now infamous ‘Full of Tomorrow: Brands, Technologies & Miracles’ keynote, to a salubrious crowd of creative players.

The 21st annual SXSW Interactive Festival returns to Austin in 2014 and we’re positively champing at the bit. The festival itself, a veritable incubator of cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity, promises five days of compelling presentations and panels from the brightest minds in emerging technology. There will be scores of exciting networking events hosted by industry leaders and an unbeatable line-up of special programs showcasing the best new thinking the community has to offer. 

From hands-on training to big-picture analysis of the future, SXSW Interactive has become the place to preview the technology of tomorrow today. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in The Lone Star State next Spring, then be sure to check-in with James Kirkham and Paul Kemp-Robertson as they take you on a whistle-stop tour of how brands can find real success in embracing emerging tech and the endless and often miraculous possibilities we all have in store.

AllSaints From A New Perspective

08 November 2013

Exciting new client news to report this week, as we're pleased to announce working with premium high street retailer AllSaints. It all kicks off with the launch of 'Below the Knee', a new premium footwear collection and film project. 

The films showcase the new season's collection, shot on location in New York, and feature women from the city's fetish scene - all shot from a 'below the knee' perspective. We developed a digital amplification strategy to ensure plentiful online buzz around launch, using a tight influencer network to generate huge desirability across the new product range. 

We've worked with top fashion bloggers and Instagramers in the UK, Europe and Asia, encouraging them to showcase their creativity in posting images representing their own take on 'below the knee'. The results have been amazing; B&W creative images in the style of the AllSaints films, which we've showcased on hub over at AllSaints.com. 

Alongside this exists a UGC dimension, calling AllSaints fans from around the world to get involved by posting their own images for a chance to bag a luxury shopping experience. Just about every premium fashion site and blog has now covered the campaign, all driving to our #belowtheknee destination where you can view the creative content and shop the collection. 

Who said it started to wind down towards the end of the year eh?

Getting Busy In Buenos Aires

01 November 2013

Argentina here we come. Founders James Kirkham and Will Pyne are both Buenos Aires bound in the same week, but on a totally different tip.

Since 2000, El Ojo (The Eye) Festival in Latin America has been honoured with the presence of the brightest minds in the advertising, communication, marketing and entertainment industries. This year will be no exception.

El Ojo 2013 again features its prestigious series of inspirational conferences, in which the most fascinating elements of regional and global advertising are brought to life. 

Among the workshops, seminars, exhibitions and cocktail parties you will find James Kirkham, Co-Founder of Holler and Mark Tutssel, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer for Leo Burnett, either side of their keynote speech; ‘Creativity Without Borders’. Bound to be a belter.

‘What about Will?’, you say? Well, he’s off to take his place among some of the world’s top creative minds, on the judging panel at the GPC – Leo Burnett’s fiercely contested assessment week, whereby all 84 countries in the network put their last quarter’s craft on the table, only to have it knocked around, dressed down and then put back where it belongs, to ensure we’re all on the money when it comes to creative delivery the world over. Phew, busy week then…

Do you #NEEDAVAN..?

30 October 2013

Mercedes-Benz is looking to help people who are in need of a van. Each week, for a month, Twitter users will be asked to tell us "why they #needavan?" and entrants will be in with the chance of winning a van and driver for the day.

To launch the competition Holler have teamed up Mercedes-Benz with Gumtree, giving Twitter users the chance to win a van and driver for the weekend.

Next up, we are looking to give sports fans the opportunity to win a Traveliner van to take them and their fellow supporters to a match. Finally, we are offering bands the chance to get themselves and their equipment to their next gig. Follow the campaign with #NeedaVan on Twitter.

The World's Best Story

24 October 2013

On the 31st of October Jura Whisky will launch the search for the world’s best stories, with the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip for two to the 2014 Jura Whisky Festival.

Jura’s #WinningWords is a search for budding storytellers to submit a piece of flash literature in 1,000 characters or less. Every fortnight for ten weeks, Jura Whisky will provide a different story theme for inspiration. The themes kick off this week with Travel Adventure, followed by Day Dreams, A Brush with Death, Into the Wild and Happily Ever After.   

We’ll be shortlisting three stories each week and turning them into bespoke illustrations which will be posted on jurawhisky.com. At the end of the ten weeks, each of the thirty winning stories will be put to the public vote to find the favourite. Voting will remain open for a fortnight.

The winner with the most votes wins the trip where they’ll help select the new special edition festival bottling, set to be launched at the 2015 Festival. The lucky beggars will enjoy the privilege of staying in the luxurious Jura Lodge. 

We've engaged arts and culture purveyors Art Wednesday to provide further inspiration by producing a series of videos that tell the stories of interesting, influential creatives and their work. The first two videos will feature writer Marcel Theroux (Louis’ brother) and musician Nick Mulvey (previously of Portico Quartet), with more to follow.

For more information on Jura Whisky’s search for the world’s best stories visit www.jurawhisky.com

An Instagramer Experiment for Red Bull

04 October 2013

On the 14th September, Red Bull Cliff Diving returned to the Blue Lagoon on the stunning Pembrokeshire coastline in Wales. Our brief was to create a digital concept that showcased the beauty of the location and the complexity of the dives, and brought the UK event to a wider audience.

To answer this we set up a unique collaboration with four of the biggest Instagramers in the UK - boasting a combined reach of over 1 million fans.

The idea was to take on the ambitious challenge of creating a stop motion film, capturing all of the breathtaking views and action from the day through their lenses. 

Stitched together using images shot over just a few hours, the 2-minute long film takes the viewer on a POV tour of each Instagramer’s journey around the Blue Lagoon.

Thousands of photos give a unique insight of the event from our Instagramer's eyes as they capture the beautiful rustic location, the crowd’s reactions to the incredible dives and the excitement of the day.

You can view the film, see behind the scenes footage and read interviews with the Instagramers about the 'making of' the film here

NOW TV Superheroes

20 September 2013

To celebrate the great selection of superhero movies available on NOW TV, Holler and the streaming service powered by Sky are launching a competition giving budding artists the chance to have their own superhero creations turned into a professional short animation.

Users will visit a website and upload their superhero artwork along with a few vital stats. The artwork will then be displayed in a voting gallery, and the top 3 superheroes will be brought to life in a short animation which will premiere on the NOW TV YouTube channel and be promoted across NOW TV social channels.

Additionally, the first 500 people to sign up to a free trial of NOW TV through this competition will receive a custom-made NOW TV t-shirt displaying their superhero design on the front.

Bringing the Amazing World of Gumball to Life

17 September 2013

Holler worked with Turner Broadcasting to help build excitement around the release of brand new episodes of their hugely popular ‘Amazing World Of Gumball’ series.

Audience research showed a love of fan art and of Gumball fans getting creative and coming up with their own characters!

We wanted to leverage and foster this to create a campaign which would get people talking about Gumball and excited for the soon to be landing episodes.

We embarked on an 8-week campaign, where each week Gumball fans would be challenged to create their own Gumball characters, with weekly themes based on the most popular existing characters in the show.

Each week, the best submissions were then turned into exclusive, real world, one-off toys!

Kopi with Leo

13 September 2013

On Tuesday 17th of September, in a first of its kind event to be held during Spikes Asia 2013, James Kirkham and Will Sansom, Senior Consultant at Contagious Insider will introduce the region to a future of opportunities for brands facilitated by the exciting strides being made in technology and the way routine activity in daily lives can be made all the more meaningful and entertaining.

Approximately 100 clients, prospects and press from across the region will attend this first ever ‘Kopi with Leo’ event and we are hoping to make this into an annual platform for the sharing of best thinking and insights with our clients and prospects.

(FYI: ‘Kopi’ is a local term that means coffee)

Listen Up New York

13 September 2013

Holler is representing at Ad Week in New York. We've got a wicked slot at BB King's Blues Club, 10am Weds 25th September; so if you're in the area, get stuck in. James Kirkham and Contagious Editorial Director Paul Kemp-Robertson will look 60 months into the future to offer a head start on the most significant technological innovations that they believe will ultimately redefine how brands connect with people.

The event will explore how technology might be empathetically applied to the natural cadence of our daily lives in order to make routine activities and behaviours more streamlined, meaningful or entertaining. This is a future where brands are ideally positioned to create the kinds of small and vital wonders that we soon won't imagine being able to live without.

The innocent Big Knit

09 September 2013

Holler has created a site to support the re-launch of The innocent Big Knit initiative for 2013. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the big knit and what better way to celebrate than to make this the biggest big knit ever! We’ve created a virtual hat maker giving both knitters and non-knitters alike the chance to take part in creating hats and helping innocent donate money to Age Concern.

The site allows users to find out more about the initiative and how to get involved in knitting hats for the bottles that will go on to feature in store. They can also learn how to knit some crazy woolly patterns into the bargain, while gaining access to the Big Knitter where users can create their own digital hat.

The Big Knitter is an interactive part of the site that allows the user to choose a smoothie bottle, a hat type, colour variations and some really funky accessories to create their very own unique hat. Every share of each user-generated creation will automatically donate 10p to Age Concern. Respect your Nan.


Kirkham in the Desert

06 September 2013

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Holler James Kirkham and Contagious Magazine Co-Founder Paul Kemp-Robertson take a look into their crystal ball, offering SXSW attendees a head start on the most significant technological innovations that will redefine how brands connect with people.

“Full of Tomorrow” explores how technology might be empathetically applied to the natural cadence of our daily lives in order to make routine activities and behaviours more streamlined, meaningful or entertaining. This session will explore how brands can use their scale, reach, data and creativity to be the connective tissue between new technology and real people.

The “Full of Tomorrow” future is one where brands are ideally positioned to create the kinds of small and vital wonders that we soon won't imagine being able to live without.

Retail First for Co-op's Snaptop

02 September 2013

The Co-operative has achieved a retail first, with the launch of innovative ‘Snaptop’ campaign using the popular instant messenger app 'Snapchat'.

The mobile app, popular with 13-23 year-olds, is being utilised to target students as part of a promotional campaign, with users rewarded with a £30 discount on laptops as they prepare for the start of term.

Directed from the ‘Snaptop’ microsite, students download the Snapchat app, input The Co-operative Electrical mobile number and add a friend from their account. The £30 laptop discount code is then sent directly to students’ mobiles before self-destructing after eight seconds.

Working alongside The Co-operative, Holler has been responsible for the ‘Snaptop’ concept and production of the campaign.

‘Snaptops’ runs until 11 October, so keep an eye on the campaign in the countdown to the start of term: http://www.snaptop.co.uk

NOW TV Football Fortunes

23 August 2013

NOW TV is kicking off the football season with the launch of Football Fortunes, an online fruit machine game created by Holler.

Football Fortunes appears on the Sky Sports website and gives users the chance to win from a wide selection of prizes including Sky Sports Day Passes, LG TVs, NOW TV Boxes, and official football shirts from their favourite teams.

To play the game the user signs in through Facebook Connect. Each player is given three free spins a day, but has an opportunity to gain extra spins by completing certain actions. A sharing mechanic awards an extra spin to the player for posting about the activity on Facebook and Twitter, and ten additional spins are credited to the player’s account with every purchase of a Sports Day Pass.

Jura 39 ¾

14 August 2013

We’ve just helped premium distiller Jura tease fans of its whisky with a new campaign showing an artist's impression of people tasting a thirty-nine-and-three-quarter-year old whisky, ahead of its launch next year.

An online and experiential campaign called 'Visual Taste of 39 ¾s', which had its beginnings at the Jura Whisky Festival, where attendees were given an exclusive chance to taste the special tipple.

Artist Robbie's Brown Shoes, of the Puck Collective, was on hand to capture the reactions of the tasters and his creations are now being shown on Jura's Facebook page, as well as distributed via Twitter.

A video of the event is being shown online and tweeters of legal drinking age are in with a chance to win a vial of The 39 ¾, simply by retweeting.

Says James Kirkham, Holler founding partner: “Our Jura activity is going to have a focus on breaking convention and not resorted to tried and tested category norms. This is a great first example of instant, smart, socially inspired promotions which ignite passion and get people talking.”

Jura Falls Off The Map

05 August 2013

Recently, we launched a campaign to find the lost island of Jura after Google sank it by mistake! Our brainchild was a Twitter campaign to help find the island of origin, normally located off Scotland’s west coast, after it mysteriously vanished off of Google Maps. Jura Whisky rallied its fans together, asking them to help remind Google where Jura is by marking where the island should be with an ‘X’ on the single malt whisky brand’s Google Map.

Fans who took part in the brand’s ‘X Marks the Spot’ initiative, could win a bottle of the brand’s 16-year-old whisky. The beautiful island of Jura is not only famous for its whisky; it’s also where George Orwell wrote 1984. Following its ‘disappearance’ Google has apologised to Jura locals and says it is working hard to reinstate it in its rightful place in the Atlantic. Bob Dalrymple, Global Marketing Controller, Malt Whiskies, at Jura said: “We were very amused to see that Google had wiped Jura off the map. But don’t worry, we’re still here and producing great whisky. “The Jura brand has had great success engaging with our brand fans via social media, and it is a big part of our strategy. We’re delighted to give our Twitter followers the chance to point the guys at Google in the right direction.”

Going Global

23 July 2013

The big news at Holler towers this month is our global expansion plans as we head to the Americas and beyond. Approaching 70 strong in London, we'll fire up a new Chicago unit beginning with around 10 staff members. Then, in Silicon Valley, Holler's new team will specialise in innovations and mobile.

In related, Leo Burnett Worldwide has promoted James Kirkham, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Holler, to the new position of Global Head of Social and Mobile, as it combines its social and mobile divisions.

The two other Holler directors, co-founder Will Pyne and managing partner Simon Hankin, will also assume global roles and work alongside Kirkham to develop the business globally.

Since joining Leo Burnett in 2011, Holler has won clients such as Mercedes, Sky's Now TV and The Co-operative. Leo Burnett, meanwhile, is the global social agency of record for Samsung and works with brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike and McDonald's.

Tom Bernardin, the Chief Executive of Leo Burnett Worldwide, said:

"We're building out our offerings as we recognise these dynamics and completely acknowledge the interdependencies that exist between them. There’s no hiding from the fact that uniting social and mobile is critical for our network as well as our industry."

"People who separate mobile and social don’t get it. With more than one billion people using their mobile to access the Internet and social apps, it is evident they are no longer mutually exclusive" says James.

"They are entwined and more powerful for it. So much of advertising is based on three core behaviours – observing, reacting and sharing - which all happens socially, via mobile."

"There are plans to expand Holler further in 2014 with offices in regions such as South America, Central Europe and the Far East."

Mercedes #GoodLuckLewis

28 June 2013

The #GoodLuckLewis social campaign, created by Holler, invited fans to Tweet messages of support for Lewis Hamilton ahead of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Each #GoodLuckLewis message helped power Lewis around the interactive Silverstone track in the week leading up to the British Grand Prix on Sunday June 30th.

When fans helped Lewis reach his lap goal, incredible MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS prizes, such as a signed Lewis Hamilton Replica Steering Wheel were unlocked. Timely reminder of the homegrown talent racing for both Britain and Mercedes, all wrapped up in a way for fans to get their hands on some awesome F1 merchandise.

6.5m impressions achieved for the #GoodLuckLewis hashtag and over a thousand global mentions per day over the four day period of our campaign.

Imaginations Run Wild

24 June 2013

Red Bull trials pro-rider Danny MacAskill's eagerly anticipated 'Imaginate' riding film was released last week and instantly climbed to the top of the viral charts. Holler produced a calendar of innovative social and digital activity to harness the passion of Danny's core biking fans, fuelling engagement and keeping them on the edge of their seats throughout the entire series.

An interactive video stream revealing hotspots of behind the scenes action gives fans even more of an insight into Danny's whacky imagination, while fans that scan QR codes on limited edition MacAskill Red Bull cans will be in for a surprise when they're presented with an exclusive POV riding video. The audience is invited to get inside Danny's mind and count his ideas up to be in with a chance of bagging a limited edition signed print.

A viral map visualising the global buzz around the film, capturing the enormous spread of people tweeting and watching Imaginate will be launching soon, so keep an eye on the site here: imaginate.redbull.com

Vitamin Water #shinebright

20 June 2013

Working in collaboration with sister agency Atelier, Holler created #shinebright, a vitaminwater campaign to uncover exclusive opportunities with Europe’s creative movers and shakers and help aspiring creatives step-up and shine bright.

The aim is to create exciting collaborations with aspiring talent and industry leaders across fashion, beauty, music, food, design and photography. Whether that’s cruising with style sensation Susie Lau critiquing at LFW, getting in the mix in a downtown Stockholm studio with Jenny Grettve, or showcasing your start-up streetwear label at an East London pop-up fronted by Mikey Trapstar – these pan-European opportunities are the stage to be seen on for striving, ambitious creatives.

Anyone can get involved by heading to www.vitaminwatershinebright.com to find out more about the bespoke creative challenges set by each of the six mentors. Entry to the campaign is via Twitter, a 140 character one-time-only chance to impress our mentors.

The mentors each have a unique style and personality that’s connected to six different vitamin and mineral combinations available from Glacéau’s vitaminwater range.

The search for collaborators for the six bespoke #shinebright opportunities is open until Friday 16th August. Follow @vitaminwater_uk to find out more about the collaborations, stay up to date and get involved!

Mercedes GL-Class Road Trip

14 June 2013

Promoting the Mercedes-Benz seven-seater GL-Class, this Facebook integrated game invites players on a 16-day virtual road trip to South Africa. The competition challenges players to claim a seat in the Mercedes-Benz GL Class for the chance to win a safari holiday to South Africa.

A purpose built microsite houses content and using Facebook Connect for registration, entrants answer multiple-choice questions about the car or its location at landmark points along the journey, on each day of the competition.

Running for over two weeks, the competition utilises a leaderboard, which sees people competing to accumulate points according to the time taken to answer questions pertaining to the trip.

Once six seats have been occupied, there is a final question served, for a 'wildcard' seventh seat in the car, which anyone can win.

The seven passengers will compete head to head across six final questions and will be eliminated one by one until there is one overall winner remaining, heading off on a once-in-a-life-time safari trip for two in South Africa's premium game reserve.

The Littlest Movie Fest

07 June 2013

Sky’s on-demand service NOW TV is holding the world’s first ever Vine-based film awards, called the 'World's Smallest Film Festival'.

The awards competition, developed by Holler, is exclusively for Vine movies and will give people across the UK a chance to have their short films seen by thousands and judged by a panel of industry professionals.

The festival launched on the website on May 24th and is presented just like a real film festival. Vine moviemakers can enter by simply tagging their films with the hashtag #NOWTVMOVIEFEST followed by the hashtag of the film’s genre.

The Grand Prize winner will receive a coveted place on the Raindance Director Diploma course, while category winners, and a special people’s choice award winner will each receive a Canon 600D DSLR camera.

Telling the Jura Story

31 May 2013

We are over the moon to announce our new partnership with Whyte & Mackay superstar single malt brand Jura . Following a competitive pitch, Holler were appointed as digital and social agency of record for this unique label, with an even more unique story to tell. Developing a gorgeous new online destination for the brand was the first step in our journey together, which will go on to see us support Jura’s annual whisky festival and rollout a social strategy with something extra special coming later this year… so stay tuned!


Celebrating the Lions' 60th

03 May 2013

Contagious and Holler are joining forces for this year's 60th anniversary of Cannes Media Festival, focusing on what the next few years have to offer us all.

If you want your mind sufficiently blown while you’re out in the sunny climbs of southern France, then pop the names of our very own James Kirkham and Editor of Contagious, Paul Kemp-Robertson in your Filofax. On Tuesday 18th June, you'll learn just what the next 60 months have to offer with respect to technological advancements and their subsequent impacts on both established industries and consumer behaviours alike. Merci beaucoup.

Find out more

Challenge The Van

26 April 2013

Our first digital campaign for Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles launched this week in the form of Challenge The Van

By putting Mercedes-Benz commercial vans through their paces, we brought about a soft-education as to the quality and capability of the range, all wrapped-up in a hugely engaging and eminently shareable content experience.

Users enjoy the opportunity to guess the outcome of each challenge and share their guess success with networks, helping to spread the word with a competitive edge. Each video challenge is beautifully presented in a full screen mode, with the build working seamlessly across platforms and devices to ensure the best experience regardless of the touch point.

Red Bull Imaginate

24 April 2013

To engage the Danny MacAskill fan base in a new and innovative way, Holler have produced a campaign that connects with the target audience through the use of photo-sharing social platform Pinterest, helping to share the love across networks.

We wanted fans to get inside Danny's mind and make sense of some awesome shots from the filming of his new series ‘Imaginate’. Holler developed ‘Make Danny’s Mind Up’, a social event whereby Pinterest users re-pin a set of photos in a particular order to solve a puzzle. Successful completion of the puzzle ensures you are in with a chance of bagging a framed picture of Danny in action, signed by the man himself. A new, more difficult image uploaded as the series progresses gives fans the chance to re-engage with the campaign.

The Co-op Appoints Holler to Handle Social Media

22 April 2013

Holler are fiercely proud to announce that we have been appointed as The Co-operative's first social media agency and will be responsible for social strategy, tactical work, community management, engagement production, blogger outreach and seeding.

Gail Lyon, Head of Social at The Co-operative, said: "We chose to work with Holler because of their clear ability to see social as something that is both a unique engagement tool and that is integrated throughout a business."

Read the full article here

Gearing up for the Rev Awards

15 April 2013

We're excited to announce that we have several shortlisted entries at this year's Rev Awards! We reopened the massively successful Revlon Sweet Boutique this past autumn, and it's been shortlisted for Best FMCG Campaign. Also, our work on Absolut London is up for Best Engagement and Mercedes-Benz You Drive is in the running for several awards including Best Social. We'll see you at Awards Night on 17th May!

The Need for Speed

13 March 2013

Agencies should view the 'always-on' world as a chance to showcase great copy, sharp wits and irreverent ideas, James Kirkham believes.

Here is his Campaign article, with a rather welcome Top Gun inspired title.

The World is Always On. Are You?

06 March 2013

Our Managing Partner James Kirkham will take to the stage this week at Dubai Lynx, where he’ll discuss the explosion of reactive advertising. Here he offers some insight into how this culture is impacting the creative approach we’re taking for our clients.

“Responsive advertising communication has erupted… real-time rolling judgments means that instant marketing requires nimble teams who are able to create content experiences on the fly, and jump on opportunities with real media money.

The future of social media has already arrived, and we all need to be quick enough in mind and action to truly capture the moment.”

Read James’ full article here

Red Bull Soapbox - Summer Foam Party, Anyone?

04 March 2013

Red Bull has held more than forty soapbox races around the world, with vehicle designs ranging from classic karts to the downright peculiar including a piano and a giant baby carriage.

Holler devised a strategy to capture the undeniable passion for this absurdly brilliant event, with the aim of creating nationwide hysteria around Red Bull Soapbox coming to London. Imagine it; forty teams in fancy dress tearing down the famous hills of Ally Pally. What’s not to like?

As we draw closer to June, more and more juicy content will be delivered to the nation; bespoke ‘Idiot’s Guides’ to ensure Britain is clued up on this sport, and teams showcasing their progress as they build their magical soapbox creations. From tweets to their Instagram updates, we'll show Britain the blood, sweat and soap that goes into making the perfect gravity-powered race.

Psssssst. Secret Squirrel.

28 February 2013

You know when you have a lovely, big and juicy secret and want to tell everyone, but can't because you're not allowed? Well we feel a bit like that of late. We've got a couple of corking new stories to tell, so bear with us while we prepare for big announcements.

The Fiesta 24-hour Project - Fraser Runs the Rule in Marketing

21 February 2013

At a time when we're seeing brands exploring deeper, more integrated ways to connect with their audience, our Head of Planning Jonathan Fraser shares his thoughts on Ford's latest campaign - The ‘Fiesta 24-Hour Project’.

Read the full article here

Engaging Skate & BMX Trendsetters to Launch Red Bull Flow

18 February 2013

Red Bull Flow is a new kind of video platform built specifically for people who love to ride and film BMX & Skateboard clips. Using the Red Bull Flow app, add tags, and instantly view them as collaborative edits - Flows - on the Flow site or in the app.

To launch the app, Holler is executing a grass roots level marketing campaign that engages influencers in the scene, as well as core stores that support local riders and skaters. We're working closely with these stores and brands to create a network of ambassadors for the app, who love and use it every time they go riding or skating.

This added credibility of existing respected riders and skaters in local scenes has kick started an impressive uptake and interest in the platform.

Flow has already been featured on trendsetting publications including Hypebeast, Dig BMX and HUCK magazine.

The App